Your San Diego Pediatrician Knows More Than Your Health App

Your San Diego Pediatrician Knows More Than Your Health App

Hello San Diego parents! How many times have you discovered a bumpy rash or discolored skin on your child and then consulted online sites to discover what it may be? Maybe your toddler has loose stools every time he eats wheat and after scouring all the web articles about bowel movements you decide he has a gluten intolerance. Or maybe your California teen has been experiencing headaches so you consult the latest health app on your smart phone.

My name is Child Advocate and I am a local Children’s Healthy Food representative based in San Diego. One of my passions is advocating for children’s health in San Diego, California.

I am concerned about the number of San Diego parents diagnosing their children’s health using technology instead of consulting their California pediatrician. I realize it is very convenient to consult online sources when figuring out what may be ailing your child, but you should always check with your physician as well.

Los Angeles parents can’t always be sure that the information gleaned from the web or a health app is reputable. Some online advice might even be dangerous and harm your child. I realize if you are reading my San Diego children’s health blog you are doing it online. Don’t get me wrong, there is helpful, user-friendly information regarding your San Diego children’s health, but please let your Los Angeles doctor do the diagnosing and prescribing.

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